Karen MacDonald

Health Coach and Fitness Instructor

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Group Fitness Instructor.

After graduating from The Institute of Integrated Nutrition in 2020 I started to realise the missing link between the health & wellness world and the fitness world this was further apparent as I began my journey into group fitness instructing where the importance of a healthy diet was squeezed into the last 10 minutes of the course with no real information on what a healthy balanced diet even is. I had a vision to build a community online of people wanting to create a healthier and happier lifestyle, a place where we could come together and connect virtually, get encouragement, share recipes, do group fitness classes together online, meet new people and support each other to reach goals.

In 2020 I also reconnected with Katie. Katie & I have known each other since 1st year in high school and we have crossed each other’s paths a handful of times since then, but this last time was different, we were both older, a little bit wiser and both of us are massively focused on creating something amazing, Katie was on a mission to own her very own studio even in the middle of a global pandemic, and me on a mission to create an online health coaching community. After not much discussion at a play park with the kids one day we decided to bring these two massive ideas together.

We launched a free group called Locked-down with Katie & Karen which was a huge success – so much so we launched our very own membership group by the end of it.. and on the 17th January 2021 at 2:42pm The Happy Wee Health Club was born!

Katie Galbraith

Fitness Instructor

Hi 🙋‍♀️ I’m Katie, known as Tigger as I’m always bouncing around full of energy!  I am a Level 4 Pilates Exercise Therapist specialising in postural analysis, but my passion will always be Group Fitness.

My fitness Journey started in 2010 when I was a waitress in a cafe. Early 20s and really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I fell in love with Group Fitness – moving around to music, what’s not to like and feeling healthier at the same time.

My instructor persuaded me I should train to take the classes – wow, it just changed my life. The world seemed to open its doors to me. My “Why” changed over the years – initially I just loved the feel of teaching a class – like a big performance. Then I realised the impact I was having on my participants – telling me they felt more confident, fitter and could now do things they couldn’t before.

Group fitness really is life changing. The fitness industry can sometimes feel quite competitive and I was so aware of the positive impact Mentors can make to new instructors. This led me to become a trainer for Les Mills UK and Drummond education – I love helping new instructors build confidence and have a positive environment to learn new skills. 

Over the years I have been working in different areas of the Fitness Industry.  From working in the home of Les Mills in Auckland City NZ, to working as a GP exercise referral where I worked with people with long term conditions and co-morbitities. Movement really is medicine and it’s incredible the difference it can make to our lives. 

Karen and I have known each other for years and our paths have crossed on a number of occasions – like fate kept bringing us together.  The independent skills we bring to this awesome wee partnership are amazing – but when we put them together, we are first class. Our goal is to break down the perceived barriers to become Healthier, Fitter and Happier.

Sarah Hill

Kids Club Coordinator and Fitness Instructor

Hello world! 

A little bit about me – I like travelling, drinking coffee and Les Mills Classes.