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Classes created specifically for children aged 2-16! Each age group features music and moves that are designed to help create positive physical habits. 

“The early and school ears of life area critical window to form positive habits. That’s why we’ve developed BORN TO MOVE. We want to instil a love of being active in children so they can grow in active healthy and happy adults.”

– Dr Jackie Mills MD, Les Mills chief creative officer


Join your child in an imaginative exploration of movement to music. In this class the music is specially written for the class and instructions are sung as lyrics. This means you and your child will sing and dance your way through a series of simple moves that build body awareness and balance.

Primary 1-2

AN ADVENTURE OF DISCOVERY, ACTION AND SONG! These fun-fuelled classes help kids explore how their bodies work. There’s plenty of opportunity to develop self-awareness, balance, coordination and concentration skills as they interpret music, explore and move to a beat.

Primary 3-4

Focusing on fun rather than formal exercise routines, these classes are the ultimate way to introduce fundamental movement skills. During the class children move and sing their way through the simple choreography. The moves train body awareness, as well as improve balance, coordination and control.

Primary 5-7

When it comes to learning a whole lot of cool moves from dance, martial arts and yoga this class is the way to go. Each class is jam-packed with cool music and foundation fitness moves and fun games.

High School

Featuring the freshest moves and the latest music, these classes get young people fit – fast. Each class combines cutting edge moves from martial arts, sports conditioning, dance and yoga. Participants leave feeling fitter, more mentally energized and amped to take on the world.


Why not join our monthly Membership?

For only £20 per month you get: 

  • 8 classes + Loyalty card to keep track
  • A new themed craft idea every week to try at home
  • A new recipe every week to try at home
  • 2 special classes – these can be events, bring a friend, or so much more
  • Access to our Facebook members page so you can always looks back on crafts and recipes and keep up to date with all we have going on.
  • Unlimited Online classes, so if you can’t make it to a class why not join online from your own home.
  • Our Happy Wee Health Club Community and support in having a happy and healthy lifestyle.

January Timetable

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Every week you get e new craft idea to try at home as part of our membership.

We will post videos of the crafts onto our members Facebook page  so you can do them live along with me and our other members! Can’t make it live? don’t worry as the posts will stay up for you to follow at anytime!

Download The Happy Wee Health Club App and carry The Kids Club in your pocket to book a class at any time.

Every week you get e new recipe idea to try at home as part of our membership.

We will post videos of the recipe  onto our members Facebook page  so you can do them live along with me and our other members! Can’t make it live? don’t worry as the posts will stay up for you to follow at anytime!

Once you have signed up to our bundles you will be able to join our Happy Wee Health Club KIDS CLUB membership page! This is where we will post more about our crafts and recipes from our membership a long with streaming classes live for you to do at home!

We would love to get a book club going in The Kids Club! If enough kids were interested we would pick a book to read every month with weekly chats about what is happening in the book, related crafts and snacks, and maybe write some reviews to help others on their reading journey.

In Your School

The Happy Wee Health club would love to bring their Kids Club to your school. Choosing from our wide range of Born To Move age groups we mix a playlist that fits for each of your classes and age groups.

Is your school a bit more off the beaten track? Why not ask us about online classes? Bringing Born To Move to your screen, join other schools for a mass online class.

Try before you buy! Ask for a one off free session to introduce your school to Born To Move class.

To find out  how to bring classes to your school simply email me : to learn about our prices and other offers.

What The Kids Say...

Amazing, fun, exciting, fab, cool, nice, happy, fantastic
Primary 3-4
Fun, Fab, Exciting, Nice.
Primary 3-4
Fun, energetic, cool
Primary 5-7
Fun, active, exciting
Primary 5-7
fab, amazing, fun, exciting, happy, cool
Primary 3-4